We are one of the leading manufacturers in manufacturing export standards Hanger Bolts with a Philips Punch as per international standards. Started in 2019 with 6 years experience in screw manufacturing and 30 yrs+ experience in Construction Industry. Currently supplying pan India with a strong sales force and experienced factory and office staff. Material well packed in Shrinked wrap 5 Ply White carton with attractive 4 colour printed laminated duplex packet and pouch sealed in printed BOPP pouch for long lasting material lasting with center sealing,


Hanger Bolt 10*100.

Export Standards, Top of the range, Virgin Quality Plugs, Full Guage 10mm, Japanese Standard Wood Thread for superior grip with a Philips Head for easier and pneumatic installation.

Price: ₹30

Rack Bolt 10*100

Washbasin hanging bolts with fast and easy Installation confirming to export quality standards at the best economical Price. Available in Blue Zinc Finish Nickel Finish And Chrome Finish.

Price: ₹30

Area Of Application

I would like to introduce our Self Driven Hangerbolts manufactured by Hakimi Fasteners. They can be easily installed even without wallplugs by drilling an 8mm drill for brick walls and 8.5mm drill for concrete beams. The set consists of 10mm MS Bolt with a Philips head(PH3) for easy and fast pneumatic or manual installation.10mm nut provided along to ensure the safely installation with plastic wall plugs. Our product provides the fastest systematic installation solution for greater efficiency and best productivity output.

  • External Cladding
  • Control Panel Cabinet
  • Fire Cabinets
  • Fire Hose Reel
  • External Building Cladding System
  • Electrical Panel Cabinet
  • Slotted Racks
  • Washbasin Fixing
  • Boiler/Geyser installation
  • Dish TV Antenna
  • Rubber Pipe Clamps (10mm bracket)
  • Air Condition Stand
  • Riser Clamp
  • Urinal Stands


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Mr. Mohammed Gadiwala (Sales Executive)